Veggie of the week- Swiss chard 一週蔬菜介紹 - 關達菜

一週蔬菜介紹 - 關達菜,又名豬乸菜、牛皮菜、君達菜、官達菜⋯⋯(好多花名) 原產於歐洲地區,在東漢期間引入中國,本是餵豬的蔬菜,因為其葉有苦澀味,莖帶泥味。但因為它有豐富的鉀質、鈣質、鎂和纖維,是很健康的蔬菜。加上每年三四月都是關達菜收成的時間,菜經過輕炙後可以嘗到其鮮甜的味道。 謝謝群姐供應又大又靚的關達菜,讓我們不用消耗很大碳足跡就能嘗到它的美味!

Veggie of the week- Swiss chard

It is an excellent source of potassium, calcium and magnesium, minerals that help maintain healthy blood pressure. The fiber found in Swiss chard may lower cholesterol levels by reducing your liver's cholesterol production and helping your body excrete extra before it's absorbed into the bloodstream. Thanks our farmer supplier, we can enjoy this amazing greens in very low carbon footprint. #eatraworcook #organicveggie #healthyhonesthome

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