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The premium quality and great tasting chewable Super C Plus formula combines vitamin c with citrus bioflavonoids and rosehip and may support immune health, maintain skin health and provide a natural source of antioxidants.

Powerful antioxidant
Healthy and strong immune system
Reduce severity and duration of colds
Rosehip: for manufacture of collagen 
Assists with the absorption of Iron

Health Benefits
~Supporting a healthy and strong immune system
~Powerful antioxidant
~Helps reduce the severity and duration of colds
~Contributes to the formation of collagen
~Assists in the healing and repair of the skin
~Necessary for the manufacture of collagen in the body
~Regenerates oxidised Vitamin E in the body
~Assists in the maintenance of healthy gums and capillaries
~Assists with the absorption of Iron

This formula has been 50% buffered with a mineral ascorbate making it more gentle on the stomach.

維他命C 橘子玫瑰果咀嚼片

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