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Provides great-taste and nutrition when added to a wide variety of foods and recipes. Makes a delicious seasoning when sprinkled on most foods, especially salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta and even popcorn! Add to soups, dips, spreads, cereals, juices and smoothies for added flavor and nutrition. It’s “cheese-like” flavor makes it a great low-sodium, cholesterol-free, delicious, healthy addition to recipes and foods.

In addition to its great health benefits listed below, Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning is a versatile culinary ingredient for most recipes. It can be used as a condiment or in recipes, and is classified among the best of B12 Foods.



  • 味似芝士粉,可加入大部份食物,包括沙律、蔬菜、米飯、意粉、湯等
  • 含豐富的天然維生素B雜,包括素食者普遍缺乏的B12
  • 含有各種必需氨基酸,可讓身體合成所需的蛋白質,可促進人體代謝碳水化合物、脂肪蛋白質,製造紅血球,執行許多氧化還原作用,有助神經與肌肉的運作功能
  • 尤其適合素食人仕補充營養
  • 不含鈉 (鹽)
  • 零膽固醇
  • 無麩質 (Gluten Free)
  • 無添加糖、味精、香料或色素
  • 無防腐劑
  • 不含麥麩,蛋,牛奶,大豆,粟米容易致敏成份
  • 獲猶太食品認證
  • 純素







                    Bragg Nutritional Yeast 營養酵母

                    • 127g

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