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時代週刊(Time Magazine) 刊登了一篇有關於有機食品的研究,列出了四個有機食品的特點: 1. 沒有農藥及重金屬 2. 比較多抗氧化物 3. 含有更多健康的脂肪 4. 排除吸收抗生素和人工合成的荷爾蒙的可能


Time identifies as: Fewer pesticides and heavy metals (organic outlaws all synthetic pesticides and allows only limited use of natural pesticides); More healthy fats (research has shown that organic milk contains around 50% more healthy omega-3 fatty acids); No antibiotics or synthetic hormones (while conventional livestock production employs routine use of antibiotics, organic systems only allow them in very specific cases); More antioxidants, in some cases (certain varieties of vegetables have been shown to contain up to 20% higher antioxidant than their conventional equivalents).

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