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Earth Day (世界地球日)

今日係世界地球日,一個日子去提醒我們地球是是我們食物的來源,所有自然資源都是有限的。#珍惜食物 粉紅蘿蔔生食味道很清甜,但吃不完怎麼辦?發酵或醃制是一個很好的方法,他可以保存食物亦可以令到食物增添風味。所以當家中有蔬菜食不完,不妨考慮用發酵或者醃制的方法保存食物,更好的是,在購物之前想清楚自己需要。

Today is Earth Day, a great reminder to us that Earth is the mother of food and natural resources are limited. #earthday #loveearth #foodwastehacks#noplastic Food waste hack- Fresh pink radish taste refreshing when they are raw, but even better when they are pickled. Fermenting/pickled are some great ways to save excess food at home. Don’t throw food away, and plan ahead how you would handle your grocery before shopping. #healthyhonesthome @ 健康概念 Concept H - Healthy, Honest, Home

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