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Vegetarian大家聽過,Climatarian 大家又有沒有聽過?

Happy Green Monday!

Vegetarian大家聽過,Climatarian 大家又有沒有聽過?這個字其實可理解成Climate跟Vegetarian的合併字,意思是透過日常較低碳的膳食去減少溫室氣體的排放。 據一些科學計算,約有百分之二十至三十的導致全球暖化的溫室氣體是來自於食物,當中牛、羊等這些反芻動物要比其他肉類如豬、雞等高很多,而一般植物類食品如果仁、豆腐、蕃茄等則更低,普遍生產每公斤的溫室氣體排放要比牛、羊少10倍。 當然素食者的個人在膳食中所佔的溫室氣體排放量相對於其他人少,但如果你不是素食者,也可以考慮減少食用牛、羊等紅肉吧!








Have you heard of the term climatarian? Literally, it’s the combination of climate and vegetarian. This is an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our food diet.

Do you know that some kinds of meat like beef and lamb share a much higher climate impact than pork and poultry? It’s because they need more energy intensive feed and produce more manure than other animal products. Not surprisingly to say, plant-based foods have much less greenhouse gas contribution than beef and lamb, like over 10 times less.

So if you care about climate change, maybe you can also consider a change of your diet pattern, like eating less red meat, and of cause more vegetables.

For more about climatarian and greenhouse gas emissions of different food products, please check out at:

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