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美國Traditional Medicinals系列茶包

健康概念Concept H 最新引入美國Traditional Medicinals系列茶包,包括有減重茶(圖一)、減肚腩茶(圖二)、排毒茶(圖三)、辣木葉茶(圖四)、孕婦茶等等,配合各種需求。

Traditional Medicinals 是由三位年輕人於1974年在北加洲俄羅斯河旁的藥草店起家。這間公司成立的主要目的是提供可以自我保健的花草茶,同時維護這方面的配方與知識。隨後的幾十年裡,他們推薦傳統花草茶配方給成千上萬的消費者,而這些天然的花草茶深受廣大消費者喜歡。

他們堅持使用 “Pharmacopoeia Grade" 藥典級的原料,而非食品級的材料,他們以使用有機藥草為第一優先,所有的產品只要有標示 USDA Organic 就是代表通過美國農業部有機認證。 Traditional Medicinals 也向具有 “Fair Trade Certified" 公平交貿認證的農家購買花草原料及茶葉。過往,農作物因為剝削勞工,或者利用童工的事情發生。透過公平交易認證,這些農家獲得合理的價格且確保農工有符合生活水平的薪資,在安全的環境工作,並且保證無使用童工的狀況。

Happy Thursday! Concept H are glad to introduce a new tea bag line, including Weightless tea, Belly comfort tea, Detox tea, Pregnancy tea and Moringa tea, to support your any needs in any moment.

Traditional Medicinals are founded by three young adults, started at a riverside herb shop located at North California in 1974. The mission for this company was to produce herbal tea, while protecting the herbal recipes and knowledge. They then introduced traditional herbal tea formulas to thousands of consumers who love the products throughout the next few decades.

They insist to use non-food grade & “ Pharmacopoeia grade” raw materials, with priority of using organic herbs. And all products are approved and certified by the Food and Agricultural Organisation USA with USDA organic labels.

Traditional Medicinals also purchase herbal ingredients and tea leaves from other Fair Trade farms. In the past, there were issues about exploitation of labor or child labor. Through Fair Trade certification, these farmers receive fair price to ensure farm workers wages in line with standard of living, working in a safe environment and no child labor violation.

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