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Raw moon cakes are coming~ 生機·純素·有機·公平貿易特色月餅

Thank you for your orders, we have working days and nights to finish all the mooncakes, feel free to have a sample at Concept H store and we have made extra 10 boxes for retail selling only($388 each). Share this raw vegan and organic/fair trade mooncakes with friends and family.

感謝大家的訂單,我們已經在加快生產月餅中,對於每個工序都以嚴謹的態度去完成,所以只能最多完成十盒作為零售,有興趣的話可以直接到健康概念本店購買($388/盒)。趁在中秋佳節和至愛分享這個生機·純素·有機·公平貿易特色月餅🥮 為節日添上特別意義。

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