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怎樣選擇靚的紅菜頭? 記住揀深色嘅,不只根部(即紅菜頭個頭),連成棵連葉都要深色,千祈唔好帶黃;摸落要實淨,唔好皺皮;體積都唔好太大,約拳頭大小就最好。切開後會見到一個個年輪的圖樣,汁液帶紫紅色,同人體血色相近,這個紅菜頭就一定是甜的。

烹煮方法: 很多人都會怕紅菜頭的泥味,用烤或煲的方法,會去除紅菜頭的泥味;或在打果露時,加入濃味水果,如香蕉、蘋果、芒果等等,都能帶出紅菜頭的甜味和漂亮的顏色。而紅菜頭葉只需輕輕用滾水煮30秒左右便可。

營養價值: 紅菜頭葉及紅菜頭皆具有豐富的葉酸,對孕婦尤其重要;本身帶有甜味的紅菜頭還有降血壓、高抗氧化、高鈣質、鐵質和鎂質,並含有豐富的維他命A和C,當然生食的效果最好。

Beetroot is no doubt the stars of red vegetables. Unlike kale, it’s very easy to find in market and grocery shop in the city. Sometimes beetroot will come with leaves, and you know that’s the best beetroot. Both the leaves and root contain lots of folic acid (higher in leaves), and it’s important for our body’s immune system, especially to pregnant women. Besides, it contains high antioxidant, calcium, iron, and magnesium, also Vitamin A&C, best eaten when it’s raw.

**Concept H finally imports an organic beetroot from a small farm in HK and the each week, we will have fresh beetroot, for your best to balancing the diet for everyday needs, to stay healthy and energetic.

Let’s Beet-it!

For more reference and more information, please visit:…/guide/ingredient-focus-beetroot

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