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Do you know raw nuts are easier to digest after sprout?

Do you know raw nuts are easier to digest after sprout? There’s a substance called enzyme inhibitors to protect nuts, seeds and grains being eaten by animals. Also to avoid them being sprout in unsuitable environment.

But we, human, are very smart, we cooked nuts, seeds and grains, and it can effectively remove the enzyme inhibitors for the nuts. Whereas, it also killed other nutrients of the food, so the best way to consume food is by eating RAW.

Then how should we remove the protector without heating up the food?

The answer is simple.

Soak the nuts, seeds, grains in water and let it sprouts. The soaking time really depends on what you are making, normal from 4 hours up to 12 hours.

Our RAW Vegan mooncakes are made this way, we soaked the nuts beforehand, dehydrated them in low temperature, so the mooncake can be keep for longer, then mixing with the other organic & fairtrade ingredients, a tasty, healthy, wholesome mooncake is done! Chef is getting ready to make them, place your order before 8/31 (at the link in comment area), or need to wait until next year!



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